Journal of a New Generation

Episode 1

Is there more to HOSPITALITY than a dinner party?

18th December 2023

Kyung Chul (Charlie) Kang is your host for this podcast, joined by Dr Jason Clark in the studio as they discuss hospitality and what it means to truly open our hearts to others. Later in the episode, we’re joined by Sarah Yardley who shares her experience of hospitality, loneliness and prioritising time spent with Jesus. Originally from Orange County, California, Sarah moved to the UK 9 years ago only to move 14 times in just 5 years. In the face of this disorientating time, Sarah learned valuable lessons about hosting the presence of God and welcoming others. In this episode, we discuss: · What does it truly mean to be hospitable? · How did Jesus approach hospitality? · “But my diary is so busy.” · Living in the present and responding to God’s invitations. · What does welcoming Jesus into our lives really look like? · How when we are hospitable to others, Christ is present as well. · Is hospitality centered around our homes or hearts? · Being guided by the Holy Spirit.

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