Season Five

Episode 9

Sister Sally

21st March 2023

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Sister Sally is a Benedictine nun from Mucknell Abbey – in our conversation we talk about her life of prayer, radical hospitality, and living in the love of Jesus.

Episode 8

Dr. Keith Foster

2nd March 2023

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Dr. Keith Foster – Keith oversees the Contemporary Chaplaincy program at Waverley Abbey College and in this episode we draw connections between the work of chaplaincy and the 6 practices. How can contemporary chaplaincy be a useful framework for us as we respond to God’s invitation to be true, be kind, and to go?

For more information on chaplaincy check out this link: 

https://www.waverleyabbeycollege.ac.uk/contemporary-chaplaincy and watch this video https://youtu.be/BTnRsdGkTyU.

Episode 7

Vow Ceremony (Belfast Gathering)

15th November 2022

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Over 100 people joined the Order of the Mustard Seed this year in vow ceremonies at the Belfast Gathering and around the world. Join us for this special edition podcast as Pete Greig and Jill Weber share with us more about what it means.

Episode 6

OMS and Celtic Christianity

25th July 2022

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OMS and Celtic Christianity. This episode is a conversation between OMS member Steve Silvester and Canon Michael Mitton, author of ‘Restoring the Woven Cord – Strands of Celtic Christianity for the Church today’. Together they will talk about how Celtic Christianity can inform and support us in our OMS Vows and Practices.

Episode 5

Lisa Koons

29th June 2022

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Lisa is National Prayer Director for 24-7 Prayer USA and is a member of the OMS. In this episode we talk about her work in justice and racial reconciliation.

Episode 4

Hanneli Rupert-Koegelenberg

21st May 2022

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Hanneli is a member from the OMS in South Africa. In this episode, we talk about how the OMS Prayer watches helped her grow in prayer and in community, and how the OMS helped her discover and explore her creativity!

Episode 3

Graham Stuart

11th April 2022

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Graham Stuart is a member of the OMS and a cardiologist in Bristol, England. In this episode we talk about his transatlantic rowing adventure and how his OMS vows shaped him and his team during that time.

Episode 2

Nina Schuurman Drenth

25th March 2022

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Nina Schuurman Drenth is an OMS member, pastoral intern, and artist. In this episode we discuss how the OMS has been helpful for her spiritual formation in her 20’s.

Episode 1

Frances McLaren

15th February 2022

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Frances is a member of the OMS and is on the Seed Community Team at Waverley Abbey. In this episode we talk about how her commitment to be True to Christ is connected with God’s personal invitation to her to singleness.