Season One

Episode 12

Andy Griffiths

17th October 2018

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Canon Andy Griffiths has been an English teacher, a very ineffective waiter, a theological college director and a Vicar; he now trains ministers for the Church of England in East London and Essex and tweets quotations from or about Zinzendorf, the eighteenth century theologian, at @zinzendorf4u.

Andy’s book “Refusing to be Indispensable: Vacating the Centre of Church Life” can be purchased from Grove Books here: goo.gl/ysyJ1J

Episode 11

Phil Anderson

18th September 2018

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Phil Anderson is a member of the OMS and author of the book about Zinzendorf and the Moravians entitled Lord of the Ring. As someone who has deeply explored the roots of the Moravian movement, Phil encourages us to become more deeply rooted in Christ day by day in pursuit of true Kingdom fruitfulness.

Episode 10

Phil Anderson & Andy Griffiths

18th August 2018

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Our two favourite Zinzendorf geeks, Phil Anderson and Andy Griffiths, discuss together the historic events on August 13, 1727 that sparked 100 years of prayer in Herrnhut and the subsequent Moravian missions movement.

Episode 9

Diane & Widmark Albert

15th July 2018

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Widmark and Diane are members of the OMS living in Hamilton, Canada. In this episode they discuss the spiritual practice of pilgrimage, sharing stories not only from a pilgrimage to the Holy Isle of Lindisfarne, but also how the practice has worked it’s way into their everyday lives.

Episode 8

Abraham Marandele

16th June 2018

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Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Abraham speaks six languages and has championed the Gospel on five continents. Currently he serves as a missionary to Canada and is a member of the OMS. In this episode he will tell his passion for bringing the Gospel to the nations.

Episode 7

Daniel & Rachel

15th May 2018

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Daniel and Rachel are members of the OMS living and working in Asia. In this episode they will talk about how important it’s been for them to be on the journey as a couple, and how living into their vows has reignited their love for those they care for in their context.

Episode 6

David Witt

14th April 2018

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David Witt is a member of the OMS living in Hamilton Canada. In this episode we talk together about the growing number of OMS members in his city and their exploration of how they might enrich the many local congregations they are part of.

Episode 5

Mike & Emma Boije

14th March 2018

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Emma and Mike are members of the OMS living in Gothenburg, Sweden. In this podcast they talk about how their interest in new monasticism led them to joining the Order, and how their children taught them about mission.

Episode 4

Calle Segersson

14th February 2018

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A member of the OMS, Calle is a paramedic in Gothenburg, Sweden. In this episode he will share how after he took his vows, God invited him to make some dramatic lifestyle changes, including swapping an expensive car for a bicycle!

Episode 3

Ray Simpson

15th January 2018

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This episode we interview Ray Simpson, author, educator, and founding Guardian of the International Community of Aidan and Hilda. Ray talks with Peter Giokas, our OMS Candidate Overseer, about the importance and practice of soul friends and spiritual direction.

Episode 2

Sue Carr

15th December 2017

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This episode we interview Sue Carr from Ontario, Canada. Sue is a member of the OMS and the Executive Director of 541 Eatery and Exchange, a social enterprise cafe in an impoverished neighbourhood. Sue issues a winsome invitation to a lifestyle of hospitality.

Episode 1

Pete Greig

19th November 2017

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Welcome to Episode 1 of the Order of the Mustard Seed Podcast! In this episode we interview Pete Greig, one of the founders of 24-7 Prayer. Pete reflects on God’s invitation to he and a group of friends to take vows in the Order about twelve years ago. Their response to that invitation that has significantly shaped their lives ever since. Pete also shares the present vision and trajectory of the Order.