Season Six

Episode 3

David Smith

2nd April 2024

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David Smith is an OMS member from the Waverley Abbey Area. David was an pilgrimage enthusiast until he suffered from a life altering stroke. In this episode David shares his passion for pilgrimage, and the creative ways he makes pilgrimage available to all. For more information about David’s pilgrimages you can go to these sites:

1. This is an introduction the concept of “virtual pilgrimage”.


2. The link to the whole site is here, from which the above comes…


3. This link is from Treacle Abbey website developed with a friend during Covid. The format of the pilgrimages is slightly different to the current Pilgrimage of the Word. However, they give a good idea of what we are hoping to develop further on new site.


Episode 2

Phil Anderson Part 2

19th February 2024

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In the second of this two-part podcast, Phil Anderson, author of Lord of the Ring, considers how we can take the vibrant spiritual and practical lives of the Moravian missional communities as a model for OMS communities in the 21st century.

Episode 1

Phil Anderson Part 1

3rd January 2024

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In this first of a two part podcast, Phil Anderson, author of Lord of the Ring, shares his vision for how we build covenant communities as a strong foundation for sharing life together.