Season Two

Episode 12

Graham Tomlin

11th November 2019

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Graham Tomlin is the Bishop of Kensington, the President of St. Mellitus College, and one of the official Visitors to the OMS. This podcast was recorded at the 2019 OMS Vow Ceremony in Belfast Ireland and in it Bishop Tomlin addresses healthy dynamics between religious orders and local churches.

Episode 11

Catherine Askew

17th October 2019

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Catherine Askew is part of the leadership of the Northumbria Community, a global disbursed community of about 450 members. In this episode, Catherine discusses how the Northumbria Community works to maintain cohesiveness amongst their far reaching and diverse community through elements such as prayer, a mother house, and a common liturgy (which most of us know as the Celtic Book of Daily Prayer).

Episode 10

Crystal Cryer

23rd September 2019

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Crystal Cryer is the leader of 24-7 Scotland and on the leadership team of the OMS. In this interview, Crystal talks about the unique spiritual formation that happens on retreat, and how the practice of creativity is an expression of hope.

Episode 9

Leslie Martin

28th August 2019

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Les is a member of the OMS, and Anglican vicar, and a theological professor based in Nigeria. Les talks about finding the OMS online, finding vital community and connection, and the power of commitments to shape a life.

Episode 8

“Unforced Rhythms” Meditation

1st August 2019

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This month’s podcast is a biblical meditation on Matthew 11:28-30. The script is written by Karen Elliott Lowe from Hamilton, Canada and the music composition is by Richard Lyall from Liverpool, UK. Together lets reflect on and respond to God’s invitation to us.

Episode 7

Aisha Reventar

17th June 2019

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Aisha Reventar is the Co-Founder and Director of the Toronto House of Prayer and is presently preparing to take vows with the Order of the Mustard Seed. In this episode she talks about why the OMS is important to the House of Prayer movement today.

Episode 6

Erik Jespersen

3rd May 2019

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Erik Jespersen is the Director of Social Transformation at Emmaus Road Church and a member of the OMS. In this podcast we talk about his reservations about joining the Order and his exploration of the practice of hospitality.

Episode 5

Susanna Rychiger

15th March 2019

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Susanna is a member of the OMS and also brings leadership to 24-7 Prayer in Switzerland. One of the early members of the Order, Susanna shares how the vows and practices have shaped her life in the last decade.

Episode 4

Ian Mobsby

15th February 2019

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Ian Mobsby is Elected Prior of the Wellspring Community. Ian has been involved in New Monasticism for about thirty years, and a has a unique perspective in the movement in the UK and beyond. He shares with us his perspective on the opportunities God is giving us today to interface with the spiritual but not religious who are looking for communities of practice.

Episode 3

Misty Bower

15th January 2019

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Misty Bower and her husband Scott took vows in the OMS 14 years ago and it began a journey that took them through Europe for 5 years and then back to Guildford to dig into the practices of hospitality, learning and justice.

Episode 2

Ian Nicholson

14th December 2018

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Ian Nicholson is the Chaplain of the Woking Football Club and a member of the OMS. In this episode he reflects on how his vows impact his life in football. Another video interview of Ian can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lveT53I9H48 and follow this link https://sportschaplaincy.org.uk/ for more information on sports chaplaincy.

Episode 1

Pete Greig

14th November 2018

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Pete Greig discusses what it means to make a vow to God, showing its connection to the Biblical teaching of covenant, and honestly addresses the concerns and fears that many Christians might have about making vows.