Reading List

Listed below are the required texts for candidates wishing to complete the year of preparation and take vows in the Order.

During 2021 we’re updating the required reading list for cohorts, and candidates may read either list.

Required reading to 2021

  1. The OMS Guide
  2. The Vision and the Vow – Pete Greig
    (although not in print used copies can be purchased online)
  3. The Lord of the Ring – Phil Anderson
  4. Either The Celtic Way – Ian Bradley, or Restoring the Woven Cord – Michael Mitton
  5. The Shape of Living – David Ford
  6. Punk Monk – Andy Freeman and Pete Greig

Required reading from 2021

  1. The OMS Guide
  2. Punk Monk – An introduction to New Monasticism, and an overview of our Common Rule of life with its 3 Principles and 6 Practices. Written by Andy Freeman and Pete Greig, members of the OMS.
  3. Vision and the Vow – A call to committed discipleship. Why a Vow? Written by Pete Greig, member of the OMS.
  4. Sacred Rhythms – How can sacred rhythms and a rule of life help create space for God to work in and through us?
  5. Lord of the Ring – A history Zinzendorf, Herrnhut, and the original Order of the Mustard Seed. Written by Phil Anderson, member of the OMS
  6. Book Choice:
    1. The Celtic Way, Restoring the Woven Cord (exploring Celtic Christianity, which shaped a lot of the thinking/praxis of the current OMS)
    2. Even the Sparrow – Prayer, spiritual formation and leadership primer by Jill Weber, member of the OMS