Way of Life

In a world of distraction how can we live with focused intention? In a culture that competes for our attention and devotion, how can we give our primary allegiance to Jesus and prioritise the great commandment and the great commission? How can we move from idealistic aspiration to flesh and blood, lived experience? We have found these six spiritual practices help us.

True to Christ

Living Prayerfully

Celebrating God’s presence in all things, at all times, through a daily rhythm of prayer and worship.

Celebrating Creativity

Enjoying and expressing God’s presence through colourful, generous and imaginative lives.

Kind to People

Practicing Hospitality

Cultivating generous space for others in our hearts and homes, as if they were Christ Himself in our midst.

Expressing God’s Mercy and Justice

Honouring God’s presence in the poor and oppressed, through sacrificial compassion, reconciliation and advocacy.

Taking the Gospel to the Nations

Engaging Mission and Evangelism

Demonstrating God’s presence and relevance in word and deed, wherever He currently seems to be absent or ignored

Learning and Discipleship

Worshipping with all our minds and developing disciples who can carry Christ’s presence powerfully into every sphere of society.