Journal of a New Generation

Episode 1

Does PRAYER really change anything?

18th December 2023

Kyung Chul (Charlie) Kang is your host for this podcast, joined by Dr Jason Clark in the studio as they discuss prayer, spiritual practices and walking with God when life gives us curveballs. Later in the episode, we’re joined by Alicia Chapman who shares her story of disorientation following the end of a relationship. Feeling a sense of grief following this, she realised how the chapters of her life’s story don’t always look how she imaged they would. But in this, she discovered the power of daily surrender and yielding to Jesus, and how she would rather walk these times with him than without him. In this episode we discuss: • How can we make decisions with God? • The role of spiritual formation. • Spiritual practices that help us in daily life. • What actually are spiritual exercises? • Alicia’s story of disappointment and walking daily with Jesus. • Pressing into the will of God while receiving from Him. • Asking God, “Where are you at work within me and around me?” • Forming deep roots.

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