Journal of a New Generation

Episode 1

Is CALLING true when life gives you curveballs?

18th December 2023

Kyung Chul (Charlie) Kang is your host for this podcast, joined by Dr Jason Clark in the studio as they discuss mission and how we’re called to participate in it. Later in the episode, we’re joined by Damilola Makinde who shares about her journey of understanding her calling and navigating a huge curveball. At the age of 10 she was given a prophetic word about becoming a barrister, but how did she respond when years later things didn’t work out as planned? In this episode, we discuss: • What mission is and how we can be involved in it • How do we reconcile both being disciples and making disciples? • What we can do with our doubts and how this links with mission • Discovering who God made you to be • Damilola’s journey of mission, calling and identity • Responding to curveballs as we seek to join in with God’s mission.

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