Season Three

Episode 12

Joe Steinke, Jill Weber and Pete Greig

14th January 2021

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24-7 Prayer in many contexts straddles Free Church and Episcopal traditions. More importantly we are ‘charismatic’ and both ‘monastic’ in orientation. We love both the gathered Church and embrace the importance of the rediscovery of Ephesians 4 ministries, including that of the apostle in today’s Church. At the same time we believe that the rediscovery of monasticism and its contextualisation into contemporary culture is vital if we are going to see the revival of the church and the rewiring of the culture. Enter what we have often called ‘Aposto-monasticism’.

Episode 11

Phil Anderson

15th December 2020

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Phil Anderson is a member of the OMS and author of the book Lord of the Ring muddypearl.com/books/the-lord-of-the-ring
In this interview Phil talks about his quest for the historic OMS, that fateful day on February 11, 2005 when some members of 24-7 prayer first took their vows in the re-constituted Order, and the way that his vows have shaped his life of discipleship.

Episode 10

Lisa Milner-Smith

2nd December 2020

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Lisa Milner Smith is a member of the OMS and a midwife in Scotland. In this conversation we chat about midwifery and accompaniment, and the way the Lord has used the OMS Prayer Watches to transform Lisa’s prayer life. And we get to hear from Bluebell the cat.

Episode 9

Jill Weber

17th November 2020

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Jill Weber is beginning her second term as the leader of the OMS. Here is her talk from our Vow ceremony at the 24-7 Prayer Gathering: Is There Life in the Seed?

Episode 8

Sue Hamilton

20th October 2020

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Sue Hamilton is a member of the OMS and has been Jill Weber’s spiritual director for almost a decade. Join Jill and Sue in a lively conversation about spiritual direction and its benefits.

Episode 7

Mandi Hart

1st July 2020

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Mandi Hart is a member of the OMS and lives in Stellenbosch, South Africa. She’s a mum, runner, educator and writer. Her latest book is Courage in the Fire: Overcoming a Fear Driven Life. Mandi and I chat about writing, fear and creativity, and family spiritual formation.

Episode 6

Mark Scandrette

20th May 2020

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Mark Scandrette is an internationally respected teacher, leadership coach, and author of many books including Practicing the Way of Jesus. In this conversation, he and Jill talk about one of the biggest challenges in discipleship – how do we help people actually integrate Jesus’ teaching into their daily lifestyles? How do we help bridge the gap between information and transformation?

Episode 5

Jill Weber & Pete Greig

27th March 2020

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Special Edition: Jill Weber and Pete Greig as they discuss together: what is the invitation from God in this moment in history, and what is the unique contribution the OMS can bring to serve the church and love the world?

Episode 4

Gwen Groen

13th March 2020

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Gwen Groen is a member of the OMS, a stay at home and homeschooling mother of four, soon to be five, children. In this episode we talk about the practice of hospitality, the table, and spiritual formation in our families.

Episode 3

Jill Weber

15th February 2020

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Jill Weber is one of the leaders of the OMS and this podcast is a talk she did at Emmaus Road Church on the value of a Rule of Life.

Episode 2

Alison & Mike Davies, Rev Andrew Goodman

17th January 2020

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In this episode, we join with Alison and Mike Davies, leaders of Urban Abbey, Nottingham, and Rev. Andrew Goodman, a chaplain at Luton University as they have a conversation about the spiritual practice of pilgrimage.

Episode 1

Carlota Verdura

16th December 2019

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In this episode we interview Carlota Verdura from Spain. Carlota was part of the initial group who took vows in the Order in 2005 and gives us insight as to how a group of friends in 24-7 began to experiment how together they might live into Zinzendorf’s legacy.